1. Plant - 2 March 2011

I grow a nice plant it flowers every spring faithfully all i have to do is water it i trust my plant wont up and walk away to someone elses apartment it stays with me coz it likes to shine its beauty in my room. But one day I'm lazy like I normally am and I forget to water it and it dies, I miss my plant it was such a nice one. Now i have a plant in my office someone else waters it and I'm happy again.

2. Cat and Bird - 3 April 2011

The slow green cat sauntered over to the jittery bird. It placed its paw on a feather, saying a quiet meow, warning the bird to fly away, but the bird just froze. It was too much for the cat, and it pounced, and bird and feathers went everywhere. The cat had fed its meal.

The slow bird paced over to the fat cat, and chirped a tempting hello. The cat was too full to bother, it just slumped down on the ground paws and body lazing everywhere, and the bird fell asleep in the cats warm fur.

3. Leaves - March 2013

The leaves of my life turn pages paginated by the poignant powers that pretend to potter through days despite delights.

Excited and enthusiastic I chat some more, and try to solve IT issues for people that despite a lot of effort remains unsolved, unsolvable, thoroughly researched and investigated beyond belief.

The bus offers a safe haven for sending SMS through my mobile to my friends. While journeying hither and fro-ther frothing up fizzy fanta like the overflowing when opened apple cider cans that have bounced from cardboard box to supermarket shelf. But for $1.50 that's still a good deal despite losing a little leverage from the top, yes, overflowing on open, above a bin for kindness to the mall floors left cleaner later mopped moping because its monday.

University uniformly unites us students in learning lessons for a less despondant future later.

Volunteer work voluntarily welcomes us into all sorts of tasks we can now do, successfully, opportunities of a lifetime, the chance to contribute, and be useful usually.

Paid work oh the bonus of financial reward, thankful to having that sometimes, it all helps.

Friendly chat online is also nice.

It all ties together into busy times, nice days, the leaves of my life, falling from the trees into place on the ground, like where it's meant to be, because that's what leaves do in autumn, they fall to the ground and make pretty patterns, there's a logic to it, leaves, from tree, to ground, and grow again, and it's like a job well done, completed, successfully from day to day cycling through the seasons, the days of our lives, the schedules successfully traversed through.

4. Peach

A whale of a peach has beached. Incoming beach missile guided locking enabled targeting... BOOM kersplat peach disintegrated, maroon mush on the monitor

5. Some of Writing Snippets 2013

i need to get a peach first
all is peachy
all is bright
when i have
a peachy

Forward march
On with the march flies
In april or march or may or dare I say... January?
March 1 2 3 march 1 2 3 march 1 2 3 january 1 2 3 I mean march

Left Right Left Right March!
Left Right and wheres the Right Man? On the Left? Or the Right? Left Right

You can be funny, just get a watering can, and water those fruits until they grow into jokes.
You can be funny, just eat some honey and wear something sunny like orange.

One day fluffy the cat met spot the dog. He got into a spot of bother.
Because he spotted some cat-nip it was cat-astrophic.

Sauce am I saucy

Twins in the bin
Eating biscuits out of a tin
Will we win?
With a shark fin

I'm going to ride upon the bus
On the seat up near the front
Oh how fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh
During the day when we play and say
where's my spaceship docking bay

magpies scaring me nest in tree near bus stop
that's why i don't like spring
five minutes until bus eager to escape these magpies
whisk me away to the mall dear bus
lest i cower in thy birdly sweeps imagined

Tell me all about things
I'm all ears
All noses too and all mouths and all eyebrows!

Roses are red
they are red
and i am fed
with food
because roses are red
they are red
and i am fed
but not wed

Oh you like cupcakes too?
I had a cupcake, I peeled back the wrapper
Leaving pure cupcake on the plate
I ate a bit of icing, a bit of cupcake, chocolate cupcake
The bite was scrumptious, tasty chocolate cake chewing
In a few minutes, the whole cupcake was eaten

I'll eat a cupcake
Throw a cupcake and then Catch a cupcake
Spoon feed a cupcake
divide a cupcake, with a fork
munch on a cupcake
chew on a cupcake
use a knife to separate a cupcake into four pieces
swallow cupcake pieces

Give me a hug! holds up a bug in a container. No! a hug not a bug!

Helter skelter go to the bus shelter